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Board Certified – Note, Ohio Supreme Court Only Recognizes as a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist attorneys who have passed a Board Certification Exam administered by the American Board of Certification. Among the top ten bankruptcy filers there is only one attorney certified Richard West, Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy since 2005.

Number of attorneys in office
Firm # of Attorneys Firm # of Attorneys Richard West 2 John Rose Law Office 2 Harold Jarnicki & Assoc 3 Kathleen Mezher & Assoc 4 Thomas Berry 1 R. Dean Snyder 1 Fesenmyer Law Offices 3 Keegan & Andrade 2 Cope Law Offices 1 Minnillo & Jenkins 9
BBB Rating
Firm Rating Firm Rating Richard West A+ John Rose Law Office A+ Harold Jarnicki & Assoc n/a Kathleen Mezher & Assoc A+ Thomas Berry A R. Dean Snyder A+ Fesenmyer Law Offices n/a Keegan & Andrade A+ Cope Law Offices A Minnillo & Jenkin No rating
Years in Practice
Attorney Years Attorney Years Richard West 29 John Rose Law Office 33 Harold Jarnicki & Assoc 40 Kathleen Mezher & Assoc 30 Thomas Berry 33 R. Dean Snyder 27 Fesenmyer Law Offices 13 Keegan & Andrade 15 Cope Law Offices 6 Minnillo & Jenkins 19

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