Compare Bankruptcy Attorney

Compare Bankruptcy Attorneys

Always compare bankruptcy attorneys before making the hiring decision. Even if the fist one you consult with sounds good, comparison of at least one more will give you a different perspective and additional peace of mind when facing stressful financial problems.

How to Compare Bankruptcy Attorneys

It is difficult to compare bankruptcy attorneys. There is no special training required for an attorney to practice bankruptcy. In fact, bankruptcy is not a required course in law school. Bankruptcy is not even on the bar exam. Bankruptcy is Federal Law, but also involves state law.  All attorneys in Ohio know State law, but many know nothing at all about Bankruptcy law.

Best Way to Compare Bankruptcy Attorneys

Do some homework first. Check them out online. Go to AVVO and read their information. Go to their Google Plus page, if they have one, and check out their reviews. Go to the Better Business Bureau and check them out. The best way to learn how you might feel about working with them is to see what others have said about working with them.

When to Compare Bankruptcy Attorneys

Of course, like anything, preparation in advance of need is best. Ideally you would find the best doctor before you get sick. Life seldom works this way, unfortunately. But if you need to find the best bankruptcy attorney in a hurry, this website gives you a great place to start. You can compare bankruptcy attorneys here – shop the top ten in terms of how many cases they filed – and you will probably find someone who will do a good job for you.  The number of cases filed is not the only measure you will want to use, but it is an objective measure of how dedicated to bankruptcy law that attorney may be.  Visit each of their websites, read the reviews, and then call them up and speak to them. See if you can get them to schedule a telephone consultation so you don’t have to drive all the way to their office. Then, go meet with the attorney in person and see if you are comfortable with that attorney’s style and personality. Check out the staff and the office. It’s all a reflection of how the attorney will probably handle your case.